"Romania Welcomes Hollywood" is a new project management offering of Double 4 Studios (offices in Miami, Los Angeles and representation in Bucharest). Our objective is to encourage American productions to shoot in Romania. We incentivize this objective by helping you uncover the many untapped benefits of filming and/or co-producing in Romania, and by facilitating the entire production process from start to finish. In a nutshell: we act as the production liaison between the American and Romanian film markets. 


Why are we the best to undertake this task? 

Aside from the fact that we have over 15 years of experience in the business of film production and distribution involving both US and European markets, we have forged strong working relationships with the top A-list producers in Romania and we are proud to say that we work in association with the (National Center for Cinema) Romanian Film Fund and the Romanian Association of Filmmakers.

We have produced a number of successful projects in Romania, but If that isn't enough to speak to our credibility, perhaps the fact that the majority of our team is Romanian-born and raised will help. This means that we know the lay of the land and we're well-versed in the complexities of  Romanian law as well as the working cultural nuances of both Romania and the United States.  Partnering with us is sure to shorten your production process as well as cut your production costs.

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