• Talia Davis

Romania to Offer Rebates

20% to 25% REBATE on qualifying films shot entirely or partially in Romania.

Following up Double 4 Studios’ “Romania Welcomes Hollywood” 2017 AFM event, with hard work and dedication, it has finally happened!

On April 4, 2018, the Romanian government adopted the memorandum for implementing the production incentive scheme to attract foreign investment in the local film industry. This creates all the means for the government to adopt in a very short term the bill allowing for this rebate. The bill should be adopted by June 2018, establishing all the mechanisms for the proper application of the law.

Newly appointed Prime Minister Viorica Dancila quickly made this important move that will offer international filmmakers an important reason to choose Romania as a favorite film destination. An annual budget for the incentives will be utilized and moderated on a first come first served basis. Cash back for each production is projected to be capped and would require a minimum investment threshold. A project would not qualify if the in territory expense is below €500,000. 

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